Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Skinny on the Kindle, interview 3

The third (and last) person I spoke with at the coffee shop was a man about my age, who I had seen using a laptop and reading the morning newspaper in print form.

I asked him if he had seen it- at first he thought it was a PDA of some sort. After talking about it for a minute, he asked to hold it.

He said the screen was easy on his eyes, and that he could see that it had potential. "There are people who like to carry books, and for them this would be great."

He went on to say, however, that people are trying to get away from carrying "extras," and the Kindle is an extra. I told him that it had newspapers available on it, and that was a positive in his view.

Score so far: Kindle Yeas-3, Kindle Neas-3

Note: this score only indicates interest, not that the respondents would be willing to pay $400 for the device.

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