Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Skinny on the Kindle, interview 2

My wife had a few things to say about the Kindle when I showed it to her.

She liked the electronic paper technology- she was reading in low light and said that it was easy on her eyes.

She was browsing the Kindle store in no time, and remarked that several of the books looked interesting. "Interesting enough at $10 a pop?," I asked (we are avid public library users). "Well, maybe not all of them," came her reply. I told her that if she was interested in buying a book it would be delivered in about a minute over the cell phone technology that the Kindle uses. That was also a positive in her mind- no wireless hotspot needed.

She had nothing negative to say about the Kindle, though I did not tell her that it has a list price of nearly $400.

Score to date: Kindle Yeas-2 (I include myself), Kindle Neas-3

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