Sunday, July 01, 2007

Final thoughts on ALA Annual 2007 in DC

Facebook library friends met at an establishment that night- no one had conference badges on so we did not know that for at least an hour we were sitting next to a table full of librarians. We can be quite a raucous crowd. Even our waitress was in library school. Only because of this night am I now on Facebook. SOOOO much better than MySpace.

Monday was my final day, and before I headed to the airport I attended OCLC’s President’s Luncheon. That got me fired up. OCLC is doing some wonderful things. Now I see why Michael Porter and others work there- seems like a great dynamic. I left the luncheon wanting to go fill out an application, or at least follow up on projects such as Identities, Fiction Finder, the WorldCat pilot project at the University of Washington, and the Delivery pilot project in Wyoming.

I made some excellent work contacts, and a few friends that I want to keep in touch with. So, overall, it was an epic conference (for the record, the categories are ‘epic’, ‘worthwhile’, and ‘should have saved the money’).


Memo said...

I showed up, went inside and was surprised at how loud the place was (guess I've been out of the bar scene a while). Did you have difficulty carrying on conversations?

I left soon after as I didn't see any ALA badge holders and was feeling a little sleepy anyhow. BTW, where's the Flickr stream?

Dynamic Librarian said...

We were in the very back room of the bar- conversations were quite audible back there.

I don't have a flickr stream, yet. Is that what you mean?