Saturday, June 23, 2007

first day at ALA smashing success

Today I attended a preconference called "Accepting an Electronic Resources Librarianship Position: the Best Professional Decision You Ever Made! Now What?" The presenter was Anjana Bhatt, E Resources Librarian at Florida Gulf Coast University. There were 45 people who each paid $200 (or their institution paid) for this 3.5 hour workshop. Overall it was worthwhile, although the price should have been about $115. There was a librarian from Amsterdam, Netherlands there. How worldly can you get? The workshop made me feel that my community college is doing well in the E Resources area, and we are poised to take the next step with an ERMS (excuse the shop talk...). I made good contacts and will be able to use some of the material as soon as I get back to Tulsa.

Oh, and the fellow from the Netherlands told me of a song I had never heard of, "Twenty four hours from Tulsa," the lyrics of which can be found here. Not a ballad I'll be singing anytime soon, but one more song reference for our fair city.

I took the Metro to the Library of Congress, Jefferson Building, and ohmygoodness I was impressed. The place is incredible. They stayed open from 5 to 7 PM on a Friday night for us fellow librarians. Very cool.

Here is my humble photo essay for today (photos are taken inside Convention Center and Library of Congress, Jefferson Building):

Getting ready for ALA in Anaheim 2008

Library of Congress, Jefferson Building

Words that will be applicable forever in our democracy

Inside the Reading Room

A friendly note from the librarians to the regular Reading Room crowd

This photo is for Gisele- those are Contemporary Authors!

A view from the 4th floor (where I was not supposed to be...)

Tennis, anyone?

A kayaking we shall go

Let the music go around

And I have yet to get to the Hollywood Librarian movie premiere- that will have to wait until tomorrow as it's 2 AM and I'm beat.

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