Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dynamic Librarian in DC

Karen Harris and I are representing Tulsa Community College here at ALA's massive annual conference. And I do mean massive. There will be about 30,000 of us librarians here.

Today was travel day, and the most interesting thing was the guy in handcuffs on our Tulsa-Memphis flight. I didn't ask questions- he was guarded by two burly men and I felt pretty safe.

The second most interesting thing was a comment about cabin pressure that prompted me to look up the demise of Payne Stewart. Worth a read if you are not familiar with the story.

So here I am at Hotel Washington. The only building that is between me and the White House is the US Treasury. I am about a mile from the Convention Center, but I don't mind the walk and all the hotels were booked when I made my reservations. This one fits me, though. It is 90 years old. :-)

I'm planning my day tomorrow while I watch soccer (Houston is embarrasing Chivas- the score is 4-0 and it's not over yet. This is big because Chivas has never lost by more than 3 goals). Let me know if you have any comments/vendors you want me to visit, if you haven't already.

-Nathan, F.I.G.
(Friendly Information Guru)

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