Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Oklahoma Global Education Conference (OGEC)

I presented last week with Adam Brennan at the OGEC conference here in Tulsa.

We showcased free and proprietary online resources related to Global Education, and other than a very slow/prone-to-time-out network connection, we had a good session.

Some audience favorites that I had not included in my presentation were Merlot, China Daily, Al Jazeera, and

Here are some of the highlights that I presented, in random order (links to these can be found at my site):

Gutenberg- 25,000 free ebooks
BBC News In Pictures-daily and topical
Worldcat- 1.2 billion items in over 10,000 libraries worldwide (books, cds, etc)
Library of Congress and Flickr- two albums of 4,000 photos from 1910’s -1940’s
British Library Turning the Pages- high quality scans of historical and religious texts (not pdf’s!)
Skype- free online chat and audio/video calls
Social bookmarking on Delicious-save favorite websites, share, assign keywords/tags
Google Earth- 3-D views, sunrise function, navigate
Babelfish-translating text

Free software/online storage
· Ispring (turn ppt into flash)
· (50 gb free storage!!!)
· Audacity (free software to record audio mp3 files)
· Ning (create a social networking site)
· Airset (“your web computer”)

Cool Points
· Moodstream from Getty Images
· Pandora
· Worldle

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