Monday, November 05, 2007

Dynamic Librarian to present at ODLA

There's nothing like teaching something to really make sure that you know it.

Along those lines, I'll be putting my best foot forward tomorrow for my presentation of "Audio files in distance learning: what can podcasting do for students?" at Oklahoma Distance Learning Association's Web 2.0 in Education conference.

This morning, on day one of two, the keynote speaker spoke about the read/write society that we are moving toward, and one of the videos he showed had this zinger: "Text... is the Latin of our world." The idea is that text is supposed to be this quaint, going-out-of-style language, and interactive hypertext, audio, video, and who-knows-what-is-next will be the way to communicate in the future. Well, time will tell. One thing is for sure- it's a great time to be paying keen attention.

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