Friday, July 06, 2007

Dynamic Librarian, Peabody Fellow

I'm heading to Nashville, Tennessee on Sunday for a week long Academic Library Leadership Institute, hosted by Vanderbilt's Peabody College of Education and Human Development. I am one of 25 who will be participating- only about three of us are younger than 30 (this is my deduction based only on photos- I may be wrong), and there is only one other community college represented.

More on my Peabody experience as it develops.


lily562e said...

Hey, Boomer!

Great blog! I'm now inspired to begin one. It was great to meet you and learn with you at the Institute.

When you get a chance, check out the Communications Tools section of the Peabody Blackboard site? I don't see a way to actually post to the discussion board and the e-mail I sent out this morning (but not first thing!), doesn't seem to have gone anywhere.

Have a safe trip home!


Tamara said...

Hey there!

I am trying to track down a good email address to send you an invitation to a reception to meet all of the other 40 under 40 crew. It seems to me a great opportunity for all of us to meet one another. email me :) tamaralebak[at]