Sunday, May 20, 2007

What's on your plate today?

Are some of us who are interested in 2.0 librarianship missing the mark? Are we spending so much time learning about new technology and hypothesizing about the future that our eyes are not on the real prize- serving out users today? What is on your plate today?

There is a short essay on The Myth of the Universal Digital Library that is worth reading.

There are three arguments put forth in support of giving up our notion of a unverisal library.

1) Cyberspace does not exist

2) Your human knowledge sucks

3) Digitizing everything is impossible

The summary stands out (added emphasis is mine): "The myth of the universal library is not only widespread; it's also dangerous. Believing in the myth makes us forget that we need to be working hard right this second to preserve information in multiple formats and to make it available to the public any way that we can."

Some of the comments posted are pretty telling: "A case of lazy thinking." "No one's trying to do it all, but it will happen anyway. You're completely wrong on this."

I take this question and direct it to myself- What is on my plate? Am I keeping a balance of learning new tools/trends and serving today's users effectively?

Keep the discussion going...

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