Thursday, May 24, 2007

New type of search engine

Go check out Quintara, a search engine that is experimenting with information visualizaion.

You can hover over one of the topics on the left, and up will pop many keywords related to it. Try this with the default topics that come up and try a search of your own.

Also noteworty is Kosmix, for a different reason. You won't get the same visualization, but you will get more relevant connections. I tried a search for Kathy Taylor under politics, and it brought up a blog post about her winning the mayoral election. On the right, among other things, was a link for 'explore connections' and it took me to several sites that mention some of the work she has done with our Governor Brad Henry.

I like these- they won't replace Google anytime soon, but the ideas behind them are useful (especially information visualization).

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