Thursday, May 10, 2007

Are we listening to our users?

With all the hype about Library 2.0 and our discussions about how we are going to proceed with updating our services, are we listening to the most important people- the users?

Do our users have a place at the table when we talk about federated search, adding interactive features to our website, and adding/deleting Electronic Resources?

Are the the users represented, or are we simply doing what we think is best for them?

I'm just in a questioning kind of mood.

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Eddy Smith said...

Interesting question!

This question came up recently at the Amigos conference. According to R. David Lankes, one of the keynote speakers, 2.0 is most effective when it is truly participatory. We should not just ask what users want, then go provide those services... we should ask what users want, then get them involved in providing the services!

You can listen to his presentation at